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Hammerhead Sharks are back at Green Island, Taiwan



It’s that time of year again when the scalloped hammerhead sharks can often be seen schooling off the southern tip of Green Island, Taiwan.

Most years, late winter during the last weeks of February it is common to see schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks. Some recent video has surfaced from scuba divers enjoying interaction with the 2.0m female beasts weighing up to 80KG.

If you are really lucky the hammerhead shark is often seen during the day in big schools, sometimes numbering hundreds. This behavior allows for them to catch larger and trickier prey, as commonly seen. The younger the sharks, the closer to the surface they tend to be, while the adults are found much deeper in the ocean. They are not considered dangerous and are normally not aggressive towards humans.

It takes extreme scuba diving to see these awesome sharks, the location where these sharks school is at the junction of 3 strong ocean currents. Often it is difficult to find a boat captain willing to take scuba divers to see the sharks. Even if they are willing usually most will insist you are at least rescue diver certified with at least 200+ dives under your weight belt.

Due to the usual strong currents, a negative entry is required to ensure you are not swept off the site before you get to depth. Once at depth you are often required to hook on to the reef. Often times if the conditions are not just right the hammerhead sharks of Green Island Taiwan will not be there. However persistence normally pays off.

If you are interested to learn more about diving with hammerhead sharks in Green Island, Taiwan check out diving.tw for more information.

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